Your bedroom is your rest area. It is where you lay down to rest and where you wake up wanting to feel de-stressed and new each day. A bedroom which is disorganized and full of clutter can actually add a whole lot of stress to your life, and take away from your peaceful rest.

Going to sleep and waking up in a cluttered and stressful environment is simply not right. You need to keep your room clean and clutter-free, creating a perfectly peaceful environment to rest.

Many people find the task of decluttering way too stressful, and don’t know where and when to start. Instead of seeing it as one daunting process, follow the below steps and tips to help you declutter and organize your bedroom in an easy and simple process.

Space it out

Don’t worry about having to take a whole day decluttering. Cut yourself a break and set yourself a goal. Even if you spend 30 minutes a week organizing and decluttering your room, you will eventually get to your clean room.

  • Clear all table tops. Nightstands and dressing tables are a haven for clutter. Remove all the items you don’t need, either store them in the correct drawer or put them in a donation bin.
  • Pick up all your dirty clothes and put them in the wash. Place all clean clothes back in the cupboard.
  • Remove all unnecessary blankets and pillows. While you might see them as decorative, they could end up taking up too much space and cause clutter.

Work on your closet

How many pieces of clothing do you think you have inside your closet? Now think about how many of those items you actually wear. Most people only have a few trusted items that they wear regularly. Remove all the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last year and put them in a bag. You can either sell them to make some extra money or donate them to a charity in need.

In the rush of things, many clothes land up on the wrong shelves or lying on the bottom of the closet floor. Pick these up, fold them or hang them in the correct place. This will help your closet look neater and be more organized.

Have a laundry basket

Most of us throw our dirty clothes in a pile on the bedroom floor, or on top of some chair in the bedroom. We either promise ourselves we will wear these again, or take it to the laundry later. These discarded and dirty clothes and make the room look so cluttered. Buy yourself a laundry basket that matches your room décor, and use this to store dirty clothes.

It will add to the look of your room, and it will keep the dirty clothes off the floor. Simply empty it out and wash them when the basket becomes full.

Use trays and bowls

Bedrooms can collect many small items that don’t really fit in anywhere properly. These usually end up laying around on table surfaces and make the room so disorganized. Find some cute and stylish bowls to keep these once-off items in. The bowls or trays will go a long way in helping organize your smaller items and will look nice sitting on your nightstand or dressing table.

Make small spaces work

Small rooms are notorious for being cluttered. With a small room, comes a small closet. This can be a nightmare for some who have too many clothes for the small space. But there are some ways to deal with this shortage of space.

Before taking the next step, a small closet forces you to get rid of clothes that don’t deserve space in your closet. Once you have dealt with those, you can look at getting closet organizers to save some space. These organizers can be used to save floor space or to hang on the back of the closet door. They can hold small items like underwear or scarves, which will free up a shelf or two for other clothing items.

Roll, don’t fold

The space that rolling clothes or towels saves compared to folding them is pretty big. You will be able to fit more linen and clothing into a smaller area, and it makes the closet look neater and more uniformed.

Wall space

There are many nifty gadgets out there that allow you to save space by storing items on the wall. Hanging wall cabinets can hold all sorts of small items, especially jewelry. These could be designed to fit into the theme of your room as is, or they could come in the form of a mirror that opens up to a hidden cabinet.

Under-bed space

If you have a bed that is raised off the ground, utilizes this space. Use rolling crates or large containers to store out of season items such as out of season clothes or linen that aren’t in use. This will free up your cupboard to hold only the items you need in that season, and it keeps the clutter out the cupboards, off the floor and hidden away.

Be hard on your decisions

Sentimental items can be difficult to deal with. When trying to decide what to keep and what to chuck out, have a look at sentimental items and then put them aside. When you have got to the end of decluttering and organizing your room, relook at the sentimental items. They would have lost a bit of the nostalgic feeling and you will be able to decide more easily what you should keep and what should be given away. Keep photos and important pieces in a case or album which can be stored away easily, or which can be pulled out when you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Get decluttering

Don’t be overwhelmed about decluttering your room, no matter how bad you think it is. Take it one step at a time and think of the end goal. You might end up decluttering your room and loving the end result so much that it motivates you to get started with the rest of your house!