To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.
Alan Watts

Life is tough sometimes, for some more often than not, and for others perhaps slightly less.

We all come into this world with a combined sense of intense fragility and an undeniable will to live, breathe and conquer!

What happens when you feel that you’ve done what you’ve could but still ain’t getting a fair shake from the cold, indifferent hands of fate.

What should you when you feel that all things are stacked against you?

When life keeps letting you down?

What to do when relaxation, happiness and fullfillment are absent from you?

Yes, good questions indeed…

My answer is better:


Relax because the more you tense and clinch up, the less you absorb and allow the moment at hand to be what it is.

The moment itself is neutral, but your attitude towards it probably is not.

My recommendation is to absorb everything and let it be swallowed by your life-force and your consciousness.

Perhaps this sounds abstract or like woo-woo, but it really isn’t supposed to.

What I’m trying to convey with all my heart is:

Life takes care of life, and that you are life, while you’re simultaneously living life.

Know this!

Don’t let negativity, hopelessness or failure become the masters of your existence.

When you are at your weakest, this is especially the time to shine.

This is the time to cultivate a deep inner relaxation that is untroubled by outer or even inner circumstances, a existential peace which is your natural state.

Life will hurt you, slap you around and sometimes even beat you down.

But don’t worry, be happy and relax.

Relax because the universe in its essence is total relaxation, the more you intuitively realize this, the easier and smoother it gets.

I mean look out into the night sky, its permeated by the deepest unfathomable silence and the vastest horizons beyond imagination.

We are this universe, not merely living it, but are it.

Relax 🙂

I mean it!

What else should you do?

Try this quick exercise: If you notice that you’re firing on all engines, try sitting down or lying down wherever you might be and just observe the noise within yourself. What is it that’s always trying to move about? You don’t have to answer this conceptually to yourself, but simply pay attention to the energies moving about in your consciousness. Can you observe with detachment and by not being troubled by what you perceive? If not, why?

Woman on yoga mat meditating sleeping position beside her smartphone

Life is what it is

If you feel that you constantly have to worry, be anxious and/or sad about your current life situation because life sucks and never seems to change, you’re wrong.

Even when life seemingly sucks, you could still relax.

Even when your anxiety gets the best of you, you could still relax.

Even when you can’t pay your mortgage, you could still relax.

Even when you’ve got a gun pointed at your face, you could still relax.

Even when you’ve got a grizzly bear running straight at you, you could sti….

Hmm I’m not sure about that one, well you get the gist of it!

Relax because its the best way to handle that existential stress you’re feeling.

And I’m not talking about any ol kind of relaxations mind you.

I’m not talking about the lazy, indifferent, personal relaxation, which is at best a superficial imitation of true relaxation.

I’m rather talking about the relaxation that blossoms when you consciously let go of that which weighs you down.

The relaxation that arises when you are centred in your consciousness, unfettered and lighter than a feather.

The relaxation which is always present and available, only if you are open to perceive, receive and bathe in it.

Yes this is what I’m talking about.

This is true relaxation.

This is your innate birth right.