We all love the excitement that comes with getting a new start. Be it a new friend, a new partner, a new pet, a new school or even a new job. A new job simply means getting a fresh start at the workplace, especially if you disliked your previous job. You can even choose to redefine everything about you from how you work, and how you relate with others to how you handle different pressure situations.

However, for most of us again, this can also become a huge source of stress and anxiety. From the minute you walk in, everything you do will go on to determine how your new workmates will take you. Will they like me? What do I say to them? Where do I seat at lunch time? What do I wear to the office on day one? Is my boss friendly? All these question will most likely be sweeping your mind, especially if you are starting out at your new dream job. Stress and anxiety can end up limiting how you express yourself and in the end, leave you feeling low.

If you let your social anxiety get the best of you, your first day at the office may end up being a huge nightmare as opposed to being a new and exciting experience to keep looking forward to. So how to you go about trying to remain calmer as you start your new job?

Remember Your Worth

There is a fine line between being corky and being confident. The key in this case is to be confident. Remember that it is your credentials that got you the job and that you are very well qualified for the position. This should help you to hold your head up high as you walk in and even through the day as you work hand in hand with your new workmates.

Get Ready On Time

Do not be late on your first day! This will worsen your confusion throughout the day! Decide what to wear the day before and iron, find out how to get to the offices and keep time! In addition to leaving a great impression, you will also get the chance to know how everything works starting from the morning.

Everyone is Not Out to Get You

Remember that being new, everyone is happy and willing to help you or even have lunch with you! You do not have to be scared of everyone at the office, if anything everyone can remember their first day at a new job and how frightened they were. All you have to do is simply say hello when you come in, be nice and friendly and people will do the same in return. Ask for help or directions when you need instead of spending hours wandering about!

Get Learning

One of the most important things to remember is that no matter how much you know, every office works differently. Therefore, take time to learn the office procedures and protocol. Do not be too anxious with every task you get since any sensible person expects you to make a few mistakes as you are starting out.

Most importantly, remember to have fun doing what you love!