The first stages in a relationship are some of the hardest. This is because as partners, you are still in the process of learning each other’s habits, behavior, likes and dislikes as well as simply learning how to live naturally together. First and foremost, if you’re considering taking your first vacation together, then this means that your relationship is already on the serious track. While being an amazing thing, a trip like this can go on to make or break the relationship in the end. Such a trip however can raise your stress and anxiety demons if you are not prepared for what it entails.

If you are yet to start living with your partner, then taking your first vacation together is a huge first step! Why is this so? Well unlike your usual weekend “baecations” where you stay together for a maximum of two days, a vacation puts your limits to the test. There are a lot of situations that will reveal your true colors such as the long flight that may leave you cranky, that rude cab driver who might test your anger limits, having to share a bathroom for a week, having to deal with money jointly, dealing with a deathly hangover or food poisoning while trying to remain cordial and so on. If you’re not careful, your first vacation can as well end up being your last vacation as a couple.

If this is already getting your anxiety alarm beeping then worry not and do not think too much about your upcoming vacation. There are some tips you can carry with you as you get ready to get on with your first vacation together!

To get started, we will consider two parts of the journey; before traveling and after traveling.

Pre-Journey Tips

Before you start out on your trip, there are some things to think about, all of which must be done together with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A trip has to be planned to avoid too much confusion or conflict in the end. Some factors to consider include:

1. Destination and Travel

Well the first thing is to choose a destination. The best solution in this case is to select somewhere new and refreshing that none of you has visited before and particularly visited with an ex! You can consider destinations that one of you has wanted to tour for the longest time! Remember, however, that choosing a destination comes with its own set of challenges such as how you will get there, the accommodation and food, the weather and so on. The travel to your destination may end up costing your even thrice as much as the accommodation if you are travelling to somewhere extremely exotic! Also, you have to work with comfort levels in that, do you prefer luxurious travelling or roughing it and camping?

2. Vacation Activities

After knowing where you are going, what will you be doing while there. Although it is a vacation, staying at the hotel all week may not be the best way to go. However, being too active again is also not the best way to go. You have to work with your preferences whether it is being indoors or outdoors. You can google on sites like TripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet or talk to your hotel!

3. Budget

The “money” talk can be a pretty controversial topic especially for new couples. You must therefore know how to go about it. The best plan is to work with the budget of the person with less income. This will limit the budget while making it favorable for everyone and thus ensuring a great trip!

4. Packing Boundaries

If you are travelling far and for long, having too much luggage can end up being annoying for the other partner, especially if they packed light. Therefore, depending on your mode of transport and your destination, you have to ensure that you discuss how much luggage is too much luggage!

5. Compromise and Open-Mindedness

For most couples, you do not necessarily like all the same things. This therefore means that when it comes to travelling, you both have to be okay with foregoing some activities and also being daring enough to try some other activities. If your partner is not an adrenaline junkie like you, you cannot expect then to jump off a cliff, however, they also have to up their game a bit to do something simpler that will make the adrenaline junkie in you happier!

compromise as a couple on your vacation

Tips While You’re on Vacation

There are also some factors to consider for while you’re on your vacation. How do you avoid scenarios of awkward confrontation and so on?

6. Alone Time

Although you are bound to spend 24 hours together, some alone time is also very important. Takes some time to do some personal activities that you love whether it is a tours, the gym, swimming or just reading a book. This will make the trip more balanced out!

7. Limit the Partying

If you party daily and wake up with a hangover every day, your vacation might not turn out so well. Stay in once in a while and do something romantic, talk about everything, taboo or not, or just cuddle and watch a movie! Small things like watching the sunset together can do wonders for your relationship.

8. Manage your Expectations

Do not expect too much from your partner. You are both travelling, and you both get tired. Therefore, do not expect them to be “on” all the time. Sometimes they may just want some peace and quiet to just read a book. Instead, use this trip to discover more about your partner, how they react to different situation and so on.

9. Limit the Tech

We all love taking pictures while on vacation or sharing every moment on social media. However, this can end up being annoying to your partner over time if you’re spending more time with your phone than him or her.

10. Strive to Meet Other Couples

A vacay is the perfect place to meet new people. Moreover, spending time with other people reduces the stress on you as a couple spending all your time together. Make new friends from different countries, go out for drinks or dinner and remember to always remain open minded!