Most people believe that yoga is only about complex body postures, breathing exercises and meditation. While this may be mostly true, there is an area that is sometimes overlooked by some – the issue of proper yoga attire. In some cases having the right clothes could be just as important as the exercises themselves.

If you’re a woman whose looking for some yoga clothes, here are some that will help keep you confident in trying those challenging postures and poses, but also allow you to have proper breath control, which is another important aspect of yoga.

If you’re interested in purely the meditation aspect of yoga, you could have a look at our previous article on comfortable meditation clothes we made a while back.

When it comes to yoga apparel, women are spoilt for choices. There are so many brands and styles to choose from. Here are a couple factors you can consider when selecting the perfect yoga clothes.

  • Yoga Style: When selecting the right yoga clothes, you have to keep in mind which yoga routine you plan on doing. For instance, it is advisable to wear breathable clothes, such as sleeveless tops and short bottoms for Bikram Yoga, while leggings are the best choice for Hatha and Yin Yoga, because they involve a lot of stretching.
  • Material: Another factor to consider is material. Some of the best materials are lycra and cotton. Lycra for its high stretching ability and cotton for sweat absorption. You should also consider the thickness of the material, because when stretched too thin most of the yoga pants become see through.
  • Comfort: Yoga clothes should be comfortable. Not only that, they should also fit you perfectly to avoid accidents brought about by loose clothes.
  • Durability: Yoga pants are exposed to a lot of stretching. This means therefore that their lifespans are reduced considerably compared to normal clothes. It is therefore important that you invest in good quality that will serve you for a good amount of time. Do not go for the cheapest ones, as they are most likely of lower and eco-unfriendly quality.

With those things in mind, here below are a couple of different types of yoga clothes and accessories.

Leggings and capri

These apparels are great for you, as a beginner, especially if you have not yet mastered the ability to work out with loose clothing. Due to their flexibility, they are exceptionally good for stretching, posing and lounging. With snug-fitting leggings and capri, your Yogi will be able to monitor well the alignment of your body parts, especially during the initial stages of your yoga lessons.

There is a wide assortment of great leggings and capri with different colors and designs. Just pick the ones that work for you and you are good to go.

Harem pants

Harem pants give you an exotic look that is reminiscent of Indian fashion and flair. They are very colorful with beautiful patterns. They come in various designs, such as high cut, low cut, plus size, convertible jumpsuit, Thai Fisherman, Hoerev and Palazzo. It should be your go to design when you ascend to the hierarchy of a yogi.


Shorts come in handy during the summer when the weather is just too unbearable for a full length apparel. You may opt for tight fitting, moisture wicking spandex shorts to bring out the best in your derriere or you may opt for loose fitting shorts for optimum comfort and proper aeration.

Example of a loose fit is the Onzie Studio Yoga Shorts. Some of the tight fitting shorts include Prana Women’s Olympia Yoga Shorts and Teeki Mermaid Fairyqueen Lavender Sun Shorts.

Yoga tops

Midriff tops and tank tops are great for yoga. Made from a blend of cotton and spandex, they have high stretching capability and also absorb moisture easily. Loose shirts should be avoided at all cost, because they tend to hang during inversions and bending postures.

Regular bras with under wires and hooks should also be avoided because they may cause injury during exercises. If you have to wear a bra, then you may opt for sports bras. However, tops with in-built pads are just okay.

Alternatively, you may wear Chinese Collared Yoga Shirts for women for a change. They may not be snug-fitting, but they are well aerated and very comfortable.

Mala beads

What would a yogini be without a garland or mala beads to have around her neck or wrists. Mala beads are useful tools for proper breath control and focus of mind. If you really wanna rock the yoga look, getting a pair of mala beads is definitely a deal-breaker!

Sweaters, tunics and cardigans

Though not part of the yoga routine, these apparel come in hand during the chillier periods. Conversely, when you are too tired to change after a thorough session, you may jump into one of these and just head home. From hoodie sweaters, embroidered tunics, ponchos, fringe vests to kimono and draped cardigans, there are so many secondary yoga attires that you can choose from to keep yourself looking hip and cool.

Gloves and socks

These are not really necessary, because most people prefer to use bare hands and feet. However, if you naturally have sweaty feet and palms, then these two are not bad. It is worth noting however that there are specially designed gloves and socks for yoga. One of their major features is that they have rubberized calibrations for firm grip. They are also made from stretchable material and the socks are usually bare at the toes.


As you see there’s quite the range of different clothes and accessories to choose from when you’re a woman and when it comes to yoga. Hopefully these items will help you in finding that inner joy and union that sincere yoga practice can attain to.

If we missed anything worthy to be on the list, feel free to let us know!