Being comfortable and relaxed is a big part of meditation.

Your mind and thoughts are distracting as it is, and when you add the possibility of being distracted by uncomfortable clothes, well, this in turn can significantly lessen your chances of having an enjoyable and fulfilling meditation session.

Even though one of the main “benefits” of meditation is becoming less attached to things and less “disturbable” in your everyday life, in the beginning of your meditation practice however it can’t hurt being free from different kinds of redundant distractions that life may throw at you, including the tightness and itchiness of the fabrics that you’re wearing.

What is meditation clothing?

There isn’t any formal definition to what constitutes meditation clothes, rather what we base the term “meditation clothes” are simply the types of clothing that are of high quality and highly comfortable, and thus won’t distract you from your meditation.

That being said, meditation clothes can include robes, garbs, tunics, shawls, pants, jumpsuits, socks, coats and what else that floats your boat, as long as they are made of the right material and in the optimal way.

What to look for in meditation clothes

  • Generally clothes that are of breathable (cotton), soft, flexible, and eco-friendly material (fair-trade or the like) are solid guidelines when looking for good meditation clothes.
  • Another thing to consider is the size and flexibility of the clothes, ideally you should find the sweet spot between fit and loose clothing. We don’t want them to be tight nor too loose, somewhere in the middle is best.
  • A third thing you can ponder on when purchasing set of clothes for meditating is colour. Try to go with softer colours like for example light blue, pure white, soft green, tuscan beige or simply any set of colours that you personally like as long as the colours are gentle on the eyes.

When to wear them: Some of these clothes are quite versatile and can be worn throughout the day given that it isn’t freezing outside. The women’s jumpsuit or the unisex harem pants listed below for example are good choices for everyday use, while the buddhist long gown and coat are generally more suited for being worn at home specifically for meditation.

When going on a meditation retreat, the harem pants, men’s tunic and meditation shawl are great choices to bring with you.

Why wear meditation clothing?

If meditation is the inner exploration of consciousness, mind and psyche, why then should one bother about which “outer” clothes to wear during the meditation practice?

That is a good point actually.

One answer is that if you’re a beginner to meditation even an itch or irritation here and there can be enough to shift your focus from the meditation. For this purpose it could be a good thing to free your self from rough fabric, loose threads and confining/tight clothing, allowing yourself to be fully focused at the endeavour ahead..

Another reason why wearing meditation clothes could prove to be beneficial is that when you designate a specific purpose to a set of clothes, you choose to consciously and subconsciously make it into an important activity. In other words when you put on your tibetan buddhist robe, you kinda know it’s high time for some profound inner work.

Having said all that, lets go right ahead with our picks for the best clothes to wear for and during meditation.

Altair Men & Women Shirts & Pants (100% Cotton)

A great pair of meditation clothes are the shirts and pants made by the brand Altair, the colors are soft to the eyes and the material is made from 100% cotton. These are great for both meditation sessions and for warmer summer days.

  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Handmade

Baggy Yoga Harem Pants (100% Cotton)

These harem pants are super comfortable and soft to the touch, suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The fabric is 100% cotton from Thailand. These harem pants can be worn during the summer and autumn by both men and women. Whether you choose to meditate, do yoga or simply take a nice walk outside is entirely up to you.

  • Many different colours and shapes to choose from
  • Comes in different sizes

White Bhavani Tunic by Sivana Spirit

This gorgeous pure white Bhavani tunic is definitely one of our favorites on this list. Made out of fair trade soft Indian cotton, white color and the lovely embroidered design makes it a great choice for your next meditation session.

Oh and the word bhavati means “giver of life” in sanskrit and is also the name of an Hindu goddess.

  • Fair trade
  • Made out of 100% Indian cotton
  • Hand-made in Northern India by women artisans.

Women’s Black & White Tribal Harem Yoga Jumpsuit

Here’s another set of harem clothes, this time jumpsuits for women. This lovely jumpsuit with tribal design is made of 100% viscose and is a one-size-fits-all clothing that can be used versatilely for different occasions. The straps are adjustable which is a plus.

  • One size fits all for women
  • Adjustable straps
  • Made in Los Angeles, USA

Gayatri Mantra & Om Prayer Meditation Yoga Shawl

Meditation shawls are great for meditation, hence the name and like blankets when sleeping during the night, shawls have a natural way of inducing serenity, security and comfort when wrapped around yourself. This meditation shawl is made out rayon and the mantra depicted is one asks for the enlightenment of all beings in the universe.

The beauty of this shawl is indeed multi-dimensional.

  • Fabric made out of rayon
  • Nice design with a mantra of compassion

Mens Tunic Muslin Cotton Cream Colored with Chinese Collar

This men’s tunic is a great choice for indoor usage during meditation but can also be worn practicing movement based meditations like Qigong outdoors. The Chinese inspired stylish collar is one of main relaxing features of this tunic.

Be careful not to put this one in the washing machine, the linen is very thin and is best washed via hand and also you should be prepared for a considerable size reduction when finished washing it.

  • 100% muslin cotton
  • Mandarin collar
  • Comes in 4 different sizes

Merino Wool Quarter Socks

Having warm feet can be real a deal breaker when it comes to getting the most out of your meditation session. Some people, me included, ”suffer” from what I call chronic cold feet and hands. Self-massaging your feet, calves hands, wrists and forearms can help with the heat generatio before the meditation. However this self-generated heat doesn’t always stay around, especially because meditation is such a physically passive undertaking. These soft quarter socks made from merino wool by People Socks are just right to wear if you’re dealing with cold feet and hands during meditation.

  • Good for people struggling with cold feet and hands

Gray Men’s Long Gown Traditional Buddhist Meditation Monk Robe

If you really wanna take your meditation looks to the next level this one is definitely the way to go. This traditional buddhist monk long gown is super comfortable made of breathable cotton and comes in 5 different sizes.

  • Made of cotton
  • 5 different sizes (Small – XXL Large)

Meditation Buddhist Hooded Cloak Coat

Our last one is similar to the robe above, this time its a buddhist hooded cloak coat for both women and men. The design is intended to be quite big (oversized) to really give space for your limbs. The material is made of polyester which isn’t ideal for meditation purposes but can nonetheless work.

  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Comes in 6 different colours


Hopefully you found some comfortable pieces of meditation clothing that will prove helpful in your meditations.

Creating a meditation space for your daily practice is important as you now might be aware of, and this space includes not only the room in which you sit down but also your own physical body and what you wear.

If you feel that we left something out in this collection for meditation clothes, feel free to comment below with your suggestions.