I am a bit of a coffee addict. To say ‘a bit’ is actually an understatement. I am flat out addicted to this caffeinated beverage. My love for this drink spans years, and I can’t remember when I didn’t enjoy having a cup of coffee. I guess it started with my childhood, and growing up drinking coffee in place of orange juice or milk. To this day, my grandparents drink coffee like it’s an essential element that one cannot live without. I guess their love and obsession for this drink also rubbed off on me.

There is nothing better than a smooth cup of my favorite coffee in the morning. It is truly one of the simplest pleasures in life that I look forward to each day. However, even my beloved drink suffered at the hands of my anxiety and depression. At times, coffee only made my anxiety worse, and heightened my already anxious nature. Instead of enjoying my daily bit of heaven in the morning, I was scared that it was going to make me feel worse, and increase my caffeinated jitters (if that’s even possible).

As I worked my way through my anxiety and depression, I was able to once again drink my coffee without the dreaded feeling that it was going to make me feel terrible. When I finally got to a point where I was feeling like myself again, I decided to do some research into caffeinated beverages that didn’t make my anxiety feel so intense afterwards.

I came across a name called, Javazen coffee. This uniquely named coffee brand comes from the entrepreneurial minds of three college friends who had a combined love for coffee, health and business. Their overall goal: find the perfect balance of flavor, caffeine and healthy side effects that wouldn’t make you crash later in the day or leave you feeling extra jittery.

Through many trials, the trio finally got the right blend of ingredients and dispersed it on their campus as a trial for feedback and thoughts. Needless to say, it was an instant sensation and thus began the birth of Javazen coffee. Their creative name Javazen came from combining two words: java and Zen. Java is a synonym for coffee, and Zen, meaning peace and tranquility one feels after drinking it.

Coffee Beans

So, what’s in it?

The makeup of Javazen consists of five essential ingredients that help make up the flavor and give you the energized punch you need to start your day.

Coffee beans: Provide the robust flavor and burst of caffeine that one longs for in coffee.

Vanilla & Cinnamon: Crucial players in giving this drink a sweet, yet natural, flavor that isn’t overwhelming or blends terribly against the coffee bean. The cinnamon also helps with stimulating blood circulation, and is a great ingredient for simmering down the bitterness of the coffee bean.

The matcha green tea: An organic element whose purpose is to assist the body in naturally adapting to the caffeine.

The cocoa nibs: The same bean that chocolate comes from, adds a touch of flavor, antioxidants and amino acids, all which are vital in creating the overall makeup of Javazen coffee

Brewing Techniques

Javazen coffee can come in tea-like pouches or in normal coffee grounds that can be brewed in different coffee makers. Below are the different methods that have been recommended in brewing Javazen coffee:

  • Steeped like tea (Javazen pouches)
  • Automatic drip (coffee grounds)
  • Percolator (coffee grounds)
  • French Press (coffee grounds)

Javazen coffee also has wormed its way into the heart of many tea drinkers as well. The relaxed effects, as well as its subtle sweet taste, makes it a win-win for many caffeinated and healthy-minded folks out there.

Brewing Coffee (Machine)

What are others saying?

From avid coffee lovers, to tea connoisseurs, most agree the flavor and impact of natural energy for Javazen coffee are incomparable. The subtleness of cinnamon, chocolate nibs and vanilla aren’t overwhelming, but come together cohesively to form a smooth mix of flavor that lacks bitterness and acidity.

On the healthy side, many drinkers rave about their natural energized state, and also note that they are not nearly as jittery afterwards. One of the best parts of Javazen, is that there isn’t a crash feeling after the caffeine wears off.

As someone whose emotions fluctuate, especially when my anxiety and depression rises, my beloved coffee only seems to make my highs and lows feel awful at times. While I do have other positive measures that prevent this from happening, it is nice to know that there are healthy caffeinated substitutions out there that wouldn’t cause those fluctuations in the first place.

Coffee, Paper and Zen

Is it worth a shot?

I love my coffee, and I have hard time imagining giving it up for anything. To know that there are alternatives other there that can help keep me calm while enjoying a punch of caffeine is truly a great innovation that I definitely think is worth a chance at trying out.