In times of difficulty and emotional turmoil, it is no secret that most people resort to some form of drugs for relaxation and relief. Be it something mild such as alcohol, marijuana and sleeping and anxiety pills or any of the lethally hard options such as cocaine, ecstasy, meth, and heroin among many. With more and more drugs coming up in the market every day, it is important to re-evaluate the sense of calm and relaxation that drugs offer, this sense of peace that has led many to make it their only go-to solution.

Why Certain Drugs Can Be Detrimental For Relaxation

Drugs have multiple downsides. Apart from the obvious reason which is an addiction, there is also the prolonged and adverse effects on your mental and physical health.

How exactly does alcohol help you “forget’ your problems? Well, the sense of relaxation you get is as a result of lowered inhibitions and reduced activity of the central nervous system by drugs such as depressant. This simply means that these drugs do not make you forget. Instead, they reduce your brain function for a short while, making you unable to think clearly for that period of time. Worst of all, you will most probably wake up with a horrible hangover the next morning, which only adds to your list of problems. This, therefore, proves that this calmness is, in fact, a false sense of relaxation!

Another huge problem that comes about with indulging every time you are particularly stressed is that your brain will adjust to that. Therefore, you will find yourself associating pain with your drug of choice every single time, whether it is smoking a cigarette every time you are under pressure or going hard with drugs like ecstasy and cocaine. This is a recipe for disaster since dependence on a drug eventually leads to addiction.

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How to Relax Your Body Without the Use of Drugs

A beer once in a while when you are stressed and venting to a friend is not a problem. However, downing a bottle of Jack Daniels when you are facing a hard time is a whole other issue! You must understand the limits and opt for options that will not be potentially fatal!

There are many other ways for you to deal with your stress and anxiety that do not involve popping a pill. These include;

  • Seeing a Therapist. Having a professional help you to come up with non-drug related solutions for your condition is a great way to go!
  • Talking To a Friend Or Anyone Close To You. Sharing is a proven way of lightening your load. If you are stressed about a situation, talking to a close friend may help you feel lighter and even get a solution to your problem.
  • Journaling: If writing works for you, this is a good way to go! Putting your frustrations into pen and paper may actually end up calming you down significantly.
  • Finding a Productive Distraction. There are multiple hobbies or activities that you can pick up to keep you distracted. This is everything from music to sports and even working out.
  • Meditation: Recommended by many specialists, meditation is perfect for calming your thoughts and focusing your mind!