Home is by definition our own personal domain. It is where we seek sanctuary and comfort from the world outside our front door. A home is a place we inhabit to relax after a hard day physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Whether our stress is caused by a long workday or a personal matter, we all look forward to the moment we cross the threshold into our home and release a deep sigh of relief. A home is a place where we set up roots and allow ourselves to breathe without tension. Because of this, our homes should be arranged in the optimal way to provide a boost for both yourself and the environment.

So when we’re considering our homes, we should also be considering our eco-footprint, i.e. the environmental mark we leave on the world around us with our day-to-day activities. We all want to do our part in reducing our own imprint for the good of the future – and thankfully this is a journey that won’t just be good for the environment, as cultivating an eco-friendly home is also good for our individual health and well-being.

An eco-friendly home is crucial for living a balanced life. When we remain mindful of our environment, we also become more attuned to our own wants and needs. Going green in our homes thus supports our own individual health, peace and tranquility. The materials used in many eco-options are often less harmful than their standard counterparts, while at the same time being good for our consciences as we decide on the more sustainable and responsible choice.

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Decorations

To spruce up a home and take the eco-friendly path, there is no better way to go than using natural alternatives to our usual décor. Plants can be a positive force in any home as they cultivate and display life to soothe our souls. Using plants such as succulents or flowers can brighten up a room, not just visually but also in a psychological sense.

And, while plants are a great place to start, this doesn’t only apply to them. Everything from throw blankets to pillows can be environmentally friendly if they are crafted with healthy and natural materials and dyes.

Minimalist decor with a white table and vase with green plant

Let Air Flow

Allowing a good circulation of airflow into our homes can be one of the best steps we can take toward eco-friendly living. Not only has continual airflow and deep breathing been studied to center and calm a person, but it has also been proven to work in terms of home-efficiency. Taking a moment to stop and breathe is so important for all of us

We can open windows for the wind on a warm summer day to save energy that would have otherwise been exerted for air conditioning. A nice breeze will refresh and invigorate anyone on a hot day. The use of a ceiling fan to help the air circulate in a room will not only save energy but also allow us to relax in our home with the cool air blowing around us. A constant stream of airflow isn’t just a good idea for the environment, it lets us remain in touch with our surroundings and nature even from the comfort of our bed or living room.

Conserve Water

There are many available opportunities to make a home eco-friendly by conserving water. It’s not just about taking shorter showers or always turning off the water in-between brushing your teeth. Investing in things that will help to conserve water is a huge step that anyone can take toward better efficiency.

One of these is the low-flow shower head, like that from EcoFlow, which will limit the amount of water used while showering for maximum savings. Water filters are also a great inclusion in a home as they eliminate the need for plastic bottles and provide clean, fresh water right from the tap. Any of these will be sure to reimagine a home’s eco-footprint and our relationship with how we use water as a resource.

Waste Less

Collection of various succulent plants and Mesh market bag with bamboo cutlery, reusable bottles and eco cotton bags on wooden background. Sustainable lifestyle. Plastic free concept.

Move towards a more “zero waste” mentality, even though you think that it practically can’t be reached. This means exchanging wasteful products with reusable and eco-friendly products. For example, reusable metal straws instead of plastic, bamboo towels instead of paper, reusable totes and bags instead of plastic bags etc.

When it comes to wasting less, your imagination is your best friend!

Go Vintage

Looking for new-to-you furniture pieces to add to your home can be such a wonderful experience in itself. But it’s even better when we can do this in an eco-friendly fashion. Thrifting for furniture from pre owned businesses like thrift stores can be a great choice to reduce our eco-footprint. Most of the time buyers can find true gems that are both sustainable and offered for a low budget cost.

This is upcycling at its finest and one of the best solutions for reducing the resources we are expending. It will also leave you with a unique piece of furniture that isn’t generically the same as every other one you see on a show floor. Make a statement with your newest home thrift addition.

Think Smart

Unplugging from our electronics and technology is a route that has been proven to be good for both us and the environment. We all need to take moments to unplug from the sometimes chaotic world around us. When we distance ourselves from the gadgets that can so often consume our lives, we are also focusing on our own healthiness.

With that in mind, unplug your tv when you’re not using it and step back from the continual instant gratification of tech. Turn off your phone for a while and shut down the power strip it’s attached to just for a moment to gather yourself and your thoughts. I can guarantee this will be beneficial to everyone involved – mother nature included.


A home designed to be more eco-friendly is a win for everyone. You don’t have to necessarily make the grand leap to solar panels and new appliances to make a difference. Yes, those are all great decisions too but even a simple thing can bring the cycle of life full circle and present to us a chance to give back to the earth we live on – for the better of us and our environment.

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