We all need occasional let-ups or moments of relief to cope with the hustle and bustle, the grind of everyday modern life. The intense workload at the office or at work can really wear you down if you’re not careful. We recognize this troubling fact and wish to play a helpful role in helping you relieve this pressure.

A rather underestimated way of inducing meditativeness, serenity and calm is by decorating your home in a mindful way. This can be a great way to “mindhack” yourself back to a sense of serenity. Choosing the right meditation items to sprinkle in and around your home, you can allow for the peace and calm you need and deserve.

In this article we’ll go through a couple lovely shower curtains that contribute to a meditative bathroom. Some are colourful while some are minimalistic, some pink some blue, and here are our five picks for you.

Lotus flower shower curtain

Our first and number one pick is this mesmerizing shower curtain depicting a lotus flower, its made from non-PVC (plastic), odourless, waterproof polyester and carefully crafted into perfection.

There is a sense of peace and calm that stirs in your being once you behold the lotus flower meditation curtain. The high definition printed curtain shows a dark background that is enhanced by an aura bright white, lotus flower and its enchanting rays. It will surely help calm you down during your stressful days.

  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Easy to wash and use
  • High quality (definition) design

Wisteria spa infused shower curtain

This shower curtain from Ambesonne gives a nice warm feeling mostly due to the combination of light and nature. The curtain has a 3D printed image of the seaside on a luminous day with a tree hanging to the side. The shower curtain also depicts a meditation mat with scented candles alight. This is just the kind of meditative atmosphere that we’re after!

  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Includes plastic hooks

Rainbow shower curtain

Looking for more colour? Something that will brighten your bathroom?  This rainbow shower curtain could be the right one for you if you’re looking for something more interesting than mere water bubbles and ocean waves. For a mindful yet sensory intensive (almost psychedelic) bath, the rainbow shower curtain has some interesting patterns to entertain your eyes with while enjoying the bath.

If anything, the intense colours could help refocus you from your thoughts to the present state of here and now, and that is always where you will find the calm need and seek.

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Measures 66″(w) x 72″(h)
  • Very bright design

Spa shower curtain

What you see with your eyes has a way of affecting how you think in your mind and feel in your body. So if you see beautiful sceneries, like say water running down a bamboo cone, cairn stones and a warm candle, well then you just absorb that atmosphere. This spa shower curtain will make you feel at peace almost instantly, simply by gazing at it.

  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Unique design

Yoga Floral Girl shower curtain

Studies show that by staring at greeneries for a short while helps you to concentrate more on your job. So why wouldn’t this apply to this lovely yogini crowned by equally lovely flowers?

It won’t only get you to soften up and focus, but also plant in you the urge to reach that blissful state on your own.meditate and relax.

  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Unique yoga design

Why you should bring meditation to the bathroom

You come back home. You don’t even remember if you locked the door as you rid yourself of your clothes and toss your accessories on the couch. You had something to eat on the way back and a couple moments you find yourself in the bathroom to clean and freshen up, then drag yourself to something soft to place your head on. At the back of your mind you remember you promised to meditate when you come home, but, life wrapped in stress happened.

Bathroom meditation gives all interested humans the chance to reclaim their minds and day back from the hands of stress and tension by consciously relaxing the body and mind. The best part of it is, for starters or busy days, you don’t need more than 10-15 minutes to feel palpable benefits.


Meditation, or even reminders of a meditative state, could really help in tackling your busy day to day schedule. As you might already know, there are many ways of going about meditating, and it could be quite a challenge to even start. One genuine way is to try what we call “bathroom meditation”. These curtains will hopefully aid you in creating that serene and relaxed atmosphere in your bathroom.