I challenge you to do something beautiful!

Something spiritually sound for your home!

That is, I encourage you to create the ultimate sanctuary of relaxation for yourself and your loved ones. If you are meditatively and/or spiritually inclined, you could start this quest by decorating your home with these relaxing products or items I’ve listed below (after my rant, I promise!).

The goal is to create a refuge and a retreat where everyone you love can partake and enjoy in living a more spiritually and existentially healthy lifestyle.

Although I love the philosophy of minimalism (the simplicity and freedom that comes with having less possessions), as you may have noticed if you’ve read some of the previous articles on TrueRelaxations. I also feel that sometimes “things”, items, tools, objects or products can indeed positively entice us by providing us with a sense of familiarity, memories, anchors and creative beauty.

5 ways to make your home more meditative

This smoothens our path to living a more grounded, balanced and relaxed life.

That being said, I think it’s up to each individual to find their own equilibrium between minimalism and “materialism”. While some go to the extreme on the one side, others go to the extreme on the other.

The Buddha’s approach to life and suffering I think is appropriate here, namely to find the middle way. Although paradoxically I also sense that it can be quite healthy sometimes to go to some extremes so one could see where one’s own limits lies.

Now enough with my contradictory rantings and lets get on to the real goodies of this article.

Here below I’ve listed the best products which I’ve found to be highly compatible with creating a meditative and relaxing home.

1. Yoga Meditation Cushion

Yoga meditation cushion

If you are really into relaxation, nothing can replace the art of meditation. Therefore it would only be apt to first mention the great invention in meditation cushions!

If you are struggling with maintaining a upright posture when sitting down, these babies can be your best friend. We modern people sit a lot, but our kind of sitting mostly takes place on rigid and stale chairs.

This makes our bodies and minds stale as well.

Therefore I highly recommend these cushions so that you can take care of both your mind and your behind. (It rhymes!)

2. Meditation Bench

While we’re at the topic of sitting meditation, not to mention the meditation bench would be a bit crazy. Some people prefer meditation benches over cushions as they have a more solid base and sometimes do a better job tilting the pelvis forward for an optimal sitting position.

This one by SimplySitting is a fascinating and unique design for a meditation bench.

3. Meditation Shawl

Meditation shawls are great meditative tools to use when meditating for longer periods of time. When the body remains immobile for an hour or two, it begins cooling rapidly leaving you cold. Though meditation shawls are most often used as clothing, they can also be used by placing them on meditation altars or simply decorating your own meditative space in your home.

4. Meditation Clothes

The clothes you wear in your home and during meditation can be a deal breaker when it comes to creating that perfect atmosphere of serenity and relaxation in your home.

If you prefer actual clothes to a shawl this buddhist hooded cloak coat could be just the right one for your meditation practice.

5. Meditation Table/Shrine

Meditation tables, shrines and altars, often referring to the same thing, namely a miniature table or stand where you can place your desired meditative items. It could very well be the current book your reading, a cup of tea, mala beads or other décor that promote mindfulness.

Simply put, these tables can be useful to have right beside you and your meditation seat.

6. Namaste Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain

buddha namaste table fountain indoors

The instant I saw this Buddha tabletop water fountain on the web, I was drawn to it like a needle to a magnet. What a lovely piece of art was one of the first thoughts that occurred to me, and what a great product to feature at TrueRelaxations was the second thought that went through my mind.

The reminder of the Buddha’s spiritual teachings about finding the middle way and balance amongst the possible extremes of life, accompanied with the soothing sounds of running water (the Dao), is perfect for a relaxed home.

7. Buddha Meditation Incense Burner

buddha meditation lotus flower incense holder

For a meditative and relaxed home, incense is a no-brainer! But we definitely need something to hold the incense in its right place am I right?

Those incense sticks can be fun to hold for a while but then one needs a holder of some sort…

What better than a beautiful lotus flower that does exactly that. This flower will exude beauty and a fragrance to all the nearby souls looking to bathe in its grace! (What a drama queen I turned out to be!)

8. Kwan Yin Hand and Lotus Incense Burner

Incense burner lotus hand buddhagroove product

Speaking of incense burners and sacred lotus flowers, this one is definitely a bit more aesthetic than and gentle on the eyes than the previous. (Also a bit pricier! But definitely worth it)

Lotus flowers are mesmerizing and apparently hands holding a lotus flower is even more so!

9. Tonerone Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser on Amazon (tonerone)

There’s a reason why essential oil diffusers have been and still are one of the best selling Wellness & Relaxation products on Amazon.

They not only look good but also smell good and more importantly can “do good” as well, that is they can have various health benefits, all from killing airborne bacterias to relieving stress and tensions.

10. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps & Candle Holders

himalayan salt lamps candles

These babies are lovely to touch and look at, as I personally love the look and feel of Himalayan salt lamps. There’s something about them which really infuses the air and atmosphere with serenity and warmth.

I bought a himalayan candle holder for my mother a while back and she loved it.

These solid salt rocks have a very comforting presence to them and their energies can palpably be felt!

11. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Looking for something that is actually alive and which you can care for in the comfort of your own home? This lovely bonsai tree seed starter kit for beginner could be right for you. In it you get everything you need to grow 4 different types of bonsai trees from organic seeds, plus you also receive 4 peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, a plant water mister, and an instruction manual to help you get started.

12. Singing Bowl

tibetan singing bowl

Another best seller on Amazon are the powerful Singing Bowls that have the power to organically induce relaxation and stillness through the medium of sound.

Many meditation retreats and centres around the world use these singing bowls for a reason, it helps one’s mind to become one-pointed and focused on ones direct experience simultaneously as it provides us with a auditory anchor to align one’s attention with.

The meditative and healing sounds produced by striking and caressing (circular movement) these singing bowls is simply mesmerizing.

These are truly priceless, all though they go for…

13. Meditation Chimes (Zenergy)

meditation chimes zenergy

Just as the Tibetan singing bowl mentioned above, these chimes can be a lovely way to start of and/or end your meditation sessions with.

The difference between these and the singing bowls is that these chimes have a much higher pitch (sharper) sound to it.

However both are incredibly effective at catching and keeping your attention on your rich auditory experience.

Music and meditation truly are best friends. (M&Ms!)

14. Buddha Statue

One buddha statue simply isn’t enough, we need at least two to make this list into somewhat a satisfactory one. This is indeed an article on meditation!

The thing is, anyone can be a buddha. Buddha simply means awake to the truth of oneself. What the historical Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) symbolizes for most people is that it is possible for anyone to enjoy that subtle calm and joy of simply being.

This statue with Gautama sitting surrounded by blue flowers is a thing of beauty.

15. Inhale Exhale Inspirational Lotus Pillow

Speaking of breathing, sometimes a comfy little inspirational lotus pillow is all you need to calm down and simply enjoy life.

16. Acupuncture Mat

bed of nails green acupuncture mat

While we’re at pillows and soft things, I found this acupuncture mat to be a good candidate to be featured on this list of meditation products.

So what does it do?

First of all its very relaxing, which as you might have guessed what we’re trying to promote on this site.

Secondly it works its magic by triggering self-healing responses in the body.

Thirdly, it can help with stress-relief by increasing your over all wellbeing through relaxation.

17. Zen Proverb Stone Cairn Business Card Holder

“Move and the way will open” – Zen Proverb

Zen is an interesting and highly insightful spiritual tradition. Historically Zen arose from Mahayana Buddhism when traveling Buddhist monks first came to China where they were met with the native philosophical traditions of Daoism and Confucianism. The word Zen is derived from the chinese Chan which is in turn from the sanskrit Dhyana essentially means ‘meditation’ or ‘one-pointedness of mind’, as we discussed in a different article covering “Zen Jewelry”.

This business card holder, may not be practical if you’re a zen monk, but if you still live in the midst of a modern machine of a society, this baby can truly add that extra little mindful touch to your home and surroundings.

18. Zen Float Tank for Homes

zen float tank

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the isolation tank (have a look at our review article for float tanks used at homes).

I personally love floating and as with minimalism, I’ve covered the many different benefits of isolation tank and the floating experience multiple times here on TrueRelaxations, and there is a good reason for that.

The Zen-float tank is one of the first quality floatation tanks which is affordable for the average bloke to instal and use in their own home.

Many other companies and their tanks are simply too expensive, luckily the Zen float tank is here for the rescue.

Starting at $1940 at ZenFloatCo


Hopefully these meditation items inspired you to really go for it when it comes to creating that atmosphere of serenity both within and without.

It’s hard to deny that the way the outside is constituted, that is to say set and surroundings if you will, has a direct effect on the inner state of the psyche and wellbeing. These above mentioned tools can function as helpful reminders. Reminders of that inner calm that awaits us all if we’re only open enough to receive it.