We all need a sanctuary, somewhere to relax, feel safe, and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the world. Creating a dreamy retreat in your bedroom can be the perfect opportunity to give yourself the space you need to feel at peace.

Your bedroom is undeniably one of the most important rooms in the house, you spend most of your time there, sleeping and at rest. In order to create a dreamy bedroom retreat, you need to visualize what you want and go from there.

Here are some practical ideas on how to cultivate a dreamy sanctuary at home.


Having a headboard in your room can change the overall feel drastically. Go for a large wooden headboard, or built-in shelves or a fabricated tufting. It will frame your bed wonderfully and add character and calm to your room.

Feng Shui

Even if you are not a believer in the philosophy of feng shui, there are nonetheless some great lessons that can be learned from it. These ideas can help create a comfortable and peaceful room.

Here are some practical ideas found in feng shui:

  • Having two bedside tables
  • Not having the door open directly onto the bed
  • Not placing your bedroom by your window

Spoil Yourself

Not all of us have the money to splash out on expensive linens and décor all in one go. However, having incredible sheets and linen will make a huge difference in your bedroom, giving you the ultimate comfort. Buy one item a month, or whenever you can afford to do so. Soft, velvet gold and metallic accents can really give a dreamy, luxurious look to the room. And who doesn’t want to fall asleep between silk sheets?

Dreamy bright bedroom

Reading Nook

For many of us, reading is an escape and a favorite hobby. Reading in bed can confuse your brain and make it difficult to sleep at night. Instead, create a nook in your bedroom dedicated to reading. Add in a comfortable chair to the corner of the room, ideally next to a window, add a bookshelf and soft blanket and you are ready to immerse yourself in books.

Start from the Bottom

There is no point having all the dreamy décor, but uncomfortable basics. Invest in a good mattress and bedroom furniture. Just having comfortable furniture can make a world of difference. There are really great eco-friendly and natural options out there, that will bring you more toxin-free rest than other options.

Buying a new mattress and bedroom furniture can be expensive, but it is the best place to start when recreating your bedroom environment.


A beautiful rug can tie a room together perfectly. Why not opt for a natural fiber rug that will bring in special energy to the room. Avoid buying harsh and abrasive rugs, but instead buy one that is soft and flowing, preferably a rug that hasn’t been chemically treated.


Create a natural feel in your room by adding some living plants. Not only will they bring a calming atmosphere, but plants help in removing toxins from the room, from sources such as standard paints and dyed bedding.

Floral plants can also bring wonderful scents to the room, such as lavender or jasmine plants. Bamboo and spider plants are well known for their detoxifying properties. Be sure to note the amount of sun that enters your room, in order to gauge which plant will do well in the room.


While sunlight is amazingly dreamy during the day, you don’t want to be kept up at night by streetlights or wake up too early when the sun rises. Light and sound blocking curtains will go a long way in ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. They also tend to keep in the heat during winter and the cooler air in summer. Be sure to buy curtains that are made from organic or natural materials, instead of toxin-treated curtains.

Soy Candles

A soft flame from a candle and soothing scents can be a small spark of relaxation in a big room. Soy candles are eco-friendly and create a calming and restful atmosphere in a bedroom. These scents are said to help encourage relaxation:

  • Lavender – Lavender is such a calming fragrance. It helps dull anxiety and slows down the nervous system, relaxing the body and helping with a night of restful sleep.
  • Vanilla – Vanilla is a great relaxer. It lessens stress and leads to a peaceful sleep.
  • Valerian – Valerian does well to reduce anxiety, bringing about a longer and deeper sleep.
  • Jasmine – Jasmine has such a beautiful scent. It promotes more restful sleep and brings higher sleep efficiency.


To finish off the look of your dreamy bedroom, treat yourself to a luxurious throw, either silky soft or made from faux fur. It will be the perfect accessory to your room, and will be so incredibly wonderful to use in winter when you need some extra warmth!

You can use a throw to tie in the colors and décor in your room, keeping it in line with your dreamy retreat feel.

Create Your Safe Space

You deserve a space to unwind and feel safe. What better place to create this than in your bedroom where you get your much-needed rest. Let your personality shine through the themes and colors you choose for your retreat, but keep them neutral, luxurious and peaceful.