Your bedroom is so much more than just a place to sleep; it is your sanctuary away from the world outside. You also don’t have to break the bank to make your bedroom cosier – just have a look at these ideas.

1. Update your room’s color scheme

The color of your bedroom can have a huge impact on how the room feels. Opt for cool, muted colors rather than a whole room that is blindingly bright. Check out this post on décor and the psychology of color for some extra pointers.

2. Use wallpaper to add texture and pattern

Use textured or patterned wallpaper instead of paint to enhance the décor in your bedroom.

3. Or use paint techniques to do the same

Textured paint techniques or even painted murals can be used to great effect in your bedroom.

4. Add a rug (or two)

Add a rug to your room to add a bit of warmth to the floor — especially for those cold mornings. No need to have the shock of icy tiles on your toes first thing in the morning! There are much better ways of waking up.

5. Fairy lights!

Fairy lights don’t just add a bit of whimsy to your room, but — if done right — can lend warmth to the room that the main light and even bed lamps can’t. Switch off the lights, turn on some fairy lights you’ve put up and voilá! Relaxing atmosphere created instantly.

6. A dimmer switch

If you can, add a dimmer switch to your bedroom’s main light. Turning the lights down will signal to your body that it’s time to relax and unwind. You can also turn the main light down when you need some time to meditate or pray and create a more enclosed space.

7. Choose bedside lamps wisely

When you are choosing your bed lamp, remember that you will be sitting right next to it before sleeping, so it should preferably not be a very bright, open bulb that will kick your brain into waking up. Keep the bedside lamps on the dim side as well — just like the main light — to signal that it’s time to relax.

At the same time, steer clear of staring at a phone, tablet or laptop screen just before sleeping. Rather pick up a book or magazine or even listen to an audiobook.

8. Books

If you’re a bibliophile, telling you to keep books next to the bed would be preaching to the choir! But, in all seriousness, keeping a book (or three) next to the bed is not a bad idea at all. Keep at least one just-reading-for-fun book next to your bed along with any self-help or self-improvement books you may be reading, for instance. This is especially handy on those nights when sleeping is difficult. Rather than scrolling on social media, pick up a book and read it. Not only will you ease your brain back to sleep, but you will also not stare at a screen before trying to go back to sleep.

9. A bookcase

If you have a collection of books you want to read, or are just your favourites, keep them on a shelf or in a bookcase in your room. Not only will the bookcase make the room appear more homely, but it will also leave you with a choice of books at hand that you can dip into when you need a moment to yourself and escape the pressures of the day.

10. A reading and journaling nook

Journaling book with feather pen

Whether it’s a temporary corner of your bedroom with a bean bag and scatter cushions, or a comfy chair, try making a nook in your room where you can just become quiet and read, draw, or write in your daily or gratitude journal. Let this be a mini sanctuary within your bedroom’s — when you’re sitting there; no one is allowed to bother you. Not your partner or your kids or anyone else in your home. Your nook can be the perfect spot for me-time while you are inside the house.

11. Give your furniture a new coat of paint

Giving your furniture a new coat of paint or varnish can give a whole new look to a room. Use accent colors to highlight parts of the furniture, use ageing techniques, or varnish wood in a rich shade to make the room feel more cosy and even cottage-like.

12. Block-out curtains

Thick curtains are always a good idea. Not only will it keep extraneous light out of your room during the night (for instance light from streetlights), but it will also help to block some of the noise that inevitably finds its way into the room from outside.

13. Sheer curtains

Pair up the block-out curtains with some sheer or lace curtains for extra privacy during the day. The sheer curtains will also diffuse the sunlight, leaving your room’s lighting during the day slightly muted. This can also help you set the mood for an introspective, restful time.

14. Curtain tiebacks and curtain rods

Many times it’s the finishing touches that make you feel at home in a space. Along with your curtains, choose tiebacks and a curtain rod that compliments the décor of the rest of the room. For instance, the look of the tiebacks will be very different if the room is decorated in a shabby chic or a minimalistic way.

15. Window accessories

Hang a wind chime in front of your window for a brief tinkling of relaxing sound when there is a breeze coming in through the window. You can also hang sun catchers in front of your bedroom window to add that little something extra.

16. The perfect bed

The bed and mattress is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom and it’s worth taking the time to pick out the perfect one. You should also buy the best mattress that you can afford as a better mattress will offer better support for your spine and help you get a more restful sleep. It will also last longer than a cheap mattress.

17. Bed linen

There are so many choices in fabrics bed linen is made from, that it can be difficult to choose. We suggest that you take into account whether you feel hot easily (then satin sheets are a definite no-no for your boudoir), whether you want pure cotton sheets, or whether you don’t mind some synthetic fibres being added to the cotton (usually referred to as poly-cotton).

Again, shop around for the best you can afford. For instance, buying your bed linen during a seasonal sale will most likely mean that you will be able to afford a higher thread count — the higher the thread count, the denser and more luxurious the fabric.

18. Duvets and pillows

If you live in a climate that allows it, getting a down duvet and snuggling beneath it, is pure luxury. You can also opt for a lighter comforter for the summer months or try a weighted blanket.

For pillows, choose ones that are breathable so that you don’t get too hot while lying on them. Memory foam pillows are also a good choice, as they support your head and neck while you’re sleeping.

19. Throws

Handmade colourful throw

Knitted, crocheted, woven, a quilt or faux fur, a throw can make a bed extra comfy and inviting. Perhaps you even still have a quilt that someone in the family made that you can put on the bed for that extra-special feel and (happy) nostalgic memories.

20. Scatter cushions

Complete your bed’s look with some scatter cushions. Match or contrast the cushions to the bed linens or keep them in neutral colors for a sophisticated look. You can, of course, also have some fun with out-there cushions in the form of cats, donuts, and even unicorns.

21. Music and ambient sound

Soft music, ASMR or white noise can be as relaxing and soothing as a long soak in a luxurious bubble bath. Make some playlists of classical music or search for some ASMR on YouTube. There are also apps you can use for white noise and ASMR if you struggle to fall asleep.

Some of our favourite music and ASMR includes Hildegard von Bingen’s medieval music, some Early Music, Enya, as well as “Cloister” by Celestial Aeon Project and just about anything by Ambient Worlds and Geytkeypur.

22. Art

Whether drawn, painted, or printed and whether your children make it, you, or a famous local artist; art sets the mood for and compliments your bedroom. Choose something that speaks to you — yes, even if it’s a mass-produced print. The point is that you have to love it, not your guests who may see your room.

23. Trinkets, mementos, and beloved objects

Remember that shell that you picked up on the beach during your honeymoon? Or perhaps a there’s a special trinket box that you keep at the back of your closet? Putting them somewhere where they can be seen and appreciated is a lot more rewarding than having them stored away somewhere.

24. Candles

Candles are not just for romantic nights spent indoors. Use candles to set a relaxing mood or to help you to meditate or pray.

25. Incense

Use incense alone or with candles (though not with scented candles; you don’t want to give yourself a headache!). Try soft fragrances that will linger in the air and relax you while you breathe in the scent.

26. Wax melts

Wax melts are a great way to have a variety of scents to choose from without having to buy a whole candle in each of the scents.

27. Potpourri

Rose petals are always a favourite, and is especially special if the roses come from your or a loved one’s garden. Here’s a way to dry roses without the petals dulling or going mouldy. Homemade rose petal potpourri. Add some dried lavender, and you’ll be transported to the lavender fields of France! The lavender will also help you to relax and sleep better.

28. A meditative corner

meditation corner

You can use the same corner of the room you use for journaling and reading as a meditative or prayer corner. Adding a candle or two will help you centre yourself, while ambient music will calm you. Make this corner as comfortable as possible.

29. Photos

A collection of photos of your loved ones, places you have been or even places you want to visit are all wonderful décor for your room, enveloping you in good memories or the excitement of a goal you are working towards.

30. Plants

Green boston fern

A pure white peace lily, ficus tree, snake plant, or a collection of succulents are all great (and low maintenance) choices to add some greenery to your room. You can also get a bonsai tree to look after if you’re up for a challenge!

31. Cut flowers

A more colourful option for your room is cut flowers. From the bright colors of gerbera daisies to St. Joseph’s lilies, there is something for everyone’s taste. If you do decide on sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine, don’t place it right next to the bed, as the smell can be overwhelming.

32. Silk flowers

An alternative to cut flowers is silk or faux flowers. Some flowers are so lifelike that you need to touch them to tell that they aren’t real!

33. Soothing textures and patterns

We all have textures and patterns with which we fall in love. Whether it’s soft mohair wool, the curves of art nouveau or the geometric elegance of art deco, using textures and patterns that you love will also make you feel more at home in your bedroom.

34. Bringing hobbies into your bedroom

Knitting hobby

If you have a hobby that doesn’t take up much space, like knitting, crochet, drawing, etc., you can bring that into your room and use elements of it to decorate your bedroom. Keep your wool in a beautiful basket that can even become part of the décor, for example. Of course, you can also create décor for your bedroom; making your own throws, wall art, and more. Things made with love and care immediately turns a room into a cosy space.

35. Handmade elements

From making your own photo frames or throw for your bed and hand-turned wooden décor pieces to a painting that will be the focal point of the bedroom, handmade and bespoke items always feel more special than the mass produced items. Search on sites like Etsy for bespoke, handmade items that steal your heart and will be perfect to make your space perfect for you.

36. Humidifier

A humidifier can do wonders – and not only when you have a cold or the flu. Remember to clean the humidifier regularly as well as replace the water often, though.

37. Antiques and vintage finds

Need we say more? Look around in your local antique shops and look for those pieces that speak to you and that have been loved by many hearts over the years. “Antique” doesn’t necessarily mean that it costs an arm and a leg, though! Bargain-hunting can be a great pleasure in these shops. Perhaps you will even find a reminder of a very special person. You can also use vintage vases for your cut flowers or use teacups for your succulents.

38. A comfortable chair

Curling up with a good book on a rainy day (or even watching Netflix) is a lot better when you have a comfortable chair in which to sit. Don’t let it become your place where you throw your worn clothes, though! (Here’s looking at you, exercise bike.) Keep it for lazy Sunday afternoons when you need to recharge before facing the new week.

39. Night light

Rather than switching on the bedside lamp if you get up at night, opt for a simple night light. It will keep you from blinding yourself with the bedside lamp or stepping on the odd Lego piece if you kept the light off!

40. Declutter

We don’t mean going all Marie Kondo on your room (unless you want to), but decluttering your cupboards and surfaces can have a wonderful effect and change the whole look of a room. After all, cosy doesn’t mean cluttered with unused items and dirty coffee mugs.

41. An alarm clock you don’t want to throw against the wall

There are so many alarm clocks on the market — not to mention the one you have on your smartphone — that you can choose a favourite song to wake up to in the mornings (rather than a trill that makes you want to break the clock).

42. Lavender

Lavender is more than just a beautiful plant. The scent of lavender is perfect for relaxing drifting off to sleep to. Keep some lavender bath salts handy or even put some dried lavender flowers in a small muslin or cotton sachet to keep in your pillow.

43. Essential oils

Lavender isn’t the only plant that has positive properties. Cinnamon, with its spicy scent, immediately brings a cosiness to the bedroom. Want your room to be cheerful and energetic? Then opt for lemongrass while rosemary can soothe stress away.

44. Linen spray

Speaking of essential oils, you can make your own linen spray (which smells absolutely awesome), and scent it with lavender, rose geranium, tea tree, and lemongrass. Spritz your sheets with the spray when making your bed and you’ll sleep like a baby.

45. Tea

Another instant pick-me-up! Try different flavours for waking up (ginger, mint or English Breakfast), relaxing (rooibos — sometimes also called red bush, honeybush or fruit teas) and going to bed (chamomile).

46. Pyjamas

Comfortable pyjamas is a must. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer satin or flannel, — your bedroom is your sanctuary and you should feel comfortable in it and feel that you can be yourself.

47. Dressing-gown

The same goes for a luxurious dressing-gown. Something super soft and snuggly are perfect for chilly evenings!

48. Slippers

Super soft slippers or slipper-socks are a must-have when the weather turns cold — especially if you have tiled floors. Warm toes will mean that the room will feel even cosier than it otherwise would.

49. A day bed

If you have space in your bedroom, consider getting a day bed that you can use during the day. That way you’ll use your bed for sleeping and not to sit on when working, reading, knitting, etc. Next to a window it especially makes for the perfect spot to sit and read.

50. Hygge

“Hygge” is a Danish and Norwegian word for “a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment” according to Wikipedia. Encompassing the simple things in life that bring pleasure, we end this article reminding you to enjoy the simple things in life; whether that’s a lighted candle or a cup of tea (or both). Let it be the simple things that also make your bedroom cosy. Forget about the newest craze in décor, rather let your bedroom speak to who you are.